Plastic surgery addict Alicia Douvall vows to stay away from the knife in future

Published: October 07, 2020

Former glamor model Alicia Douvall says her plastic surgery days are over after several operations she had last month left face looking bruised and swollen. The self-confessed addict, with over 100 cosmetic procedures behind her,  jetted off to America after surgeons in the UK refused to carry out any further operations.

Speaking to MailOnline, the 30 year old said: “I had minimal corrective surgery last week. The surgery I had before was the worst scare of my life.

“I’ve got the feeling back in my face now, and that was definitely the last time I am ever going to have surgery.”

She explained in an earlier interview: “I’ve had so many operations I can’t feel my stomach, my left breast or anything under my right arm.”

“I’ve had 15 boob jobs. I’ve changed my eyes and nose, had facelifts. My philosophy is ‘if it can be changed it will be’.

And that philospophy has extended all the way to her tippy toes. Last year she underwent an excruciating procedure to have some bone cut off from the second toe on both her feet to make them shorter than her big toes. And previously the mother of 14-year-old daughter Georgia even had her ribs shaved to make her waist smaller.

Douvall was abused as a child by someone close to the family, which helps to understand her obsession with changing her appearance. As quoted on The Sun: “I killed off Sarah Howes a long time ago…All I ever wanted to do was reinvent myself as Alicia Douvall because I hated myself so much. I thought I was the ugliest person in the world.”

Stints in rehab have not helped the troubled celebrity to come to terms with herself and overcome her dangerous surgery obsession. Do you think she will really have the resolve to stay away from the knife in future?

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  2. Val

    22. Nov, 2010

    She’s 30 year’s old, has had OVER 100 cosmetic procedures done, some completely ridiculous like having bones removed from her feet and ribs and she SAYS that she’s done???? SHE IS LYING!!!! There is NO WAY this nut job is done at the age of 30. Wait till she is 45 and the REAL signs of aging are staring back at her from every reflection. She will either be looking like the “cat woman” by then from 100 more procedures or she will LOATHE herself completely or she will be in a straight jacket. I pity her daughter to have such a self centered narcissist for a mother.

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  3. hair transplant sydney

    20. Jan, 2011

    its too early to tell, however. it remains her call to go for cosmetic surgery perhaps next year or 5 years from now..its Hollywood everything said 50% are

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