Rick Springfield talks openly about his sex addiction

Published: October 16, 2020

Australian born singer and actor Rick Springfield is among a growing number of celebrities who are sharing their darker sides with the world.

Most fondly remembered for his 1981 hit Jesse’s Girl and appearances as Doctor Noah in the Australian TV series General Hospital he has just had his brutally honest autobiography published, entitled Late, Late At Night.

In his book he tells fans of his need to be honest about his life as he had always set out to do with his songwriting.

In a candid interview with Parade.com the 61 year old says that sex can be like a drug and is something used to make you feel good, a power play of kinds.  He adds that it’s always been a self-esteem issue and that to sleep with a beautiful woman helped alleviate some of the depression he’s always battled against.

“I’ve always been honest,” says Springfield, “I’ve never said I’m squeaky clean.  It’s always the people who project that image that are hiding something.  No one’s squeaky clean and I don’t mean just sexually.”

But his experiences in life have helped him become a better father to his two sons and a better husband to his wife of thirty years.

“I see how it crushes my wife. I’d much rather have kept it to myself, but I couldn’t be in a relationship and do that because that’s not how we built our life together. We built our relationship on truth and on trust. That’s not for everybody. People keep asking me, ‘How have you stayed together for 30 years?’ For us, it’s been about facing the issues and not trying to hide from them.”

And the message to his sons, “I’ve told them that I’ve been through so much I can help you with what you’re going through. Strangely enough, they come to me for advice on women and I’ve tried to be honest with them. But I can’t teach them how to treat women. They have to learn that from seeing how I treat their mom.”

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2 Responses to “Rick Springfield talks openly about his sex addiction”

  1. Queen

    09. Dec, 2010

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to hear someone else say that, No one is squeaky-clean, not just sexually. Rick Springfield thank you so much for saying that, My aunt use to throw up in my face that I haven’t had many partners to know what is going on out here, Just because someone doesn’t sleep around doesn’t necessarily mean they are “squeaky clean” or innocent. Somteimes it is just that we (the ones who don’t sleep around saw things or experience unpleasance from whomever we were with and don’t want to experience that again and again.

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  2. Queen

    09. Dec, 2010

    unpleasantness, sorry for the typo.

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