No surprise: Men want more sex even in old age

Published: March 11, 2020

A recent report published in the British Medical Journal states that men want more sex than women even in old age. The study revealed that there is a disparity between the two genders in the age group of 75-80 years where 38.9 percent men are sexually active as compared to 16.8 percent women.

According to the British Medical Journal, a healthy sex life has direct connection with the longevity of life. The lead author of this research paper, Lindau was quoted as saying, “It may be that women are more likely to have sex for reasons other than fulfilling pleasure - or that they are more interested in giving a partner satisfaction. Maybe they lack the agency, or maybe they feel marital duty, but our paper doesn’t provide an explanation.”

Men further lose years of sexually active life due to poor health as compared to the women class, a study revealed. The report also stated that healthy men aged 55 live for another five to seven years of sexually active life than the ones with poor health. This survey concluded that healthy sex life also gives a health boost which further increases the life expectancy among men as compared to the opposite sex.

Celebrities who have battled sex addiction include Tiger Woods.


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