Not only presidents being stripped at Bohemian Grove

Published: March 31, 2020

What tomfoolery is this? A bunch of wealthy men parading around in white gowns at the base of a 20 foot owl? Absolutely no women allowed? Presidents and celebrities alike cavorting in the forest with naked, wanton abandon, drinking and singing pagan songs in rituals befitting of clandestine, Masonic style pageantry?

Bohemian Grove has been on the public radar for a few years now and more people are becoming aware of the supposedly secret yearly gathering of artists, Republican presidents, musicians and corporate big-wigs which runs for two weeks and takes place in a Californian Redwood forest.

The site has come under new scrutiny, but not for conspiratorial-end-of-the-world reasons; this time it’s due to environmental impact.

Bohemian Grove: This chap has a nice lie down after a few too many Chardonnays while a bunch of lads and a midget in a sari sing him a lullaby. You can also see some children's drawings next to the tree.

The San Francisco Chronicle has reported: “Sonoma County Judge Rene Chouteau ruled that California forestry officials violated the Environmental Quality Act when it approved the club’s logging plan for the Bohemian Grove in 2009.”

It seems the naughty Bohemians have been overstepping the mark where logging is concerned and despite their claims that the trees have been felled for fire safety reasons, sharper minds smell a money making scheme.

The outcome of any decision is unlikely to affect the ‘grovers’ long term; it may dent their income slightly but they’ll undoubtedly continue to tickle the collective paranoid palate of conspiracy theorists for decades to come.

Those aforementioned conspiracy theorists claim that the grove is the meeting place for the people behind the New World Order to plot and scheme the general public’s demise (failing to recognise the fact that half of these elites they purport to be NWO are women), but the truth is far more simple than that.

Bohemian Grove is the brainchild of a group of journalists and artists from San Francisco, originally intended to be an exploration of creative and theatrical arts. To realise their vision they needed funding so in order to garner the required money they started inviting political figures and Republican leaders and since 1923 every Republican president has been in attendance.

Certainly deals will be made between funny handshakes and ritualistic homosexual romps in the wilderness after a slap up meal and a quick worship of the big owl in their night dresses.

Whatever goes on at the grove it should be considered a source of amusement, not a birth place of conspiracies and fear mongering. If anyone needed a reason to laugh at their elected officials instead of fear them, look no further than their naked, prancing shenanigans at Bohemian Grove.

Please share your thoughts on the super-secret-sexual-perversion that occurs at Bohemian Grove by leaving a comment.

Read more about Bohemian Grove; or take a look at recent conspiracy theories such as feminizing uranium in the water supply, the CRE SUPERBUG, mass animal deaths and the Georgia Guidestones.



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