Scott Hamilton recovering well after brain surgery

Published: November 27, 2020

Scott Hamilton is back on the mend after an operation to have a brain tumour, and later an aneurism, removed.

The Olympic ice-skating champion has had a pretty tough time, but it seems his fighter spirit has pulled him through and he hasn’t even lost his sense of humour.

“This was not the way to spend your summer vacation,” he tells People.

Hamilton, who is 52, had to have surgery last June after doctors discovered a benign tumour in his brain. As if that wasn’t bad enough, surgeons accidentally nicked at artery during the procedure. The bleeding was stopped and the tumour removed, but an aneurism formed just days later.

“I tried to stay positive through all this,” said the gold medallist. “But in back of my mind, I felt, ‘I’m getting knocked down and I’m not sure if I can get back up.’ ”

In the end, the aneurism was successfully removed, but at a cost. Hamilton lost two-thirds of the sight in his right eye, a known risk of the non-invasive surgery used to treat the condition.

This is not the first time Hamilton has run into serious health issues either. A few years ago, the skater was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He overcame it with remarkable strength, or was it just a form of denial? Menweb cites the star in an interview with ABC:

“When the diagnosis was complete, and I heard there was a treatment, it was non-stop humor. My goal is to find a way to laugh every single day. For that, I think, is the healthiest form of denial.”

So, this time too, the star battled through - but not without the help of close friends and family. His wife Tracie told People: “Scott was amazing through all of this; I’ve never seen him so strong.”

Singer Sheryl Crow, who suffered from breast cancer and nearly lost her former boyfriend Lance Armstrong to testicular cancer, was also there to support her friend: “He looks strong now and he’s got his wicked sense of humor back,” she told the magazine.

Now, Hamilton is home in Tennessee and readjusting to normal life and feeling pretty happy. Along the way, he has raised $1.1 million for cancer research through his Scott Hamilton CARES initiative.

“He’s a hero to me in the way he handles adversity and his positive outlook on life, no matter the circumstances,” said country star and friend Brad Paisley, who cut his European family vacation short to come and visit Scott at his bedside.

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  1. Jennifer

    27. Nov, 2010

    Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow were never married, and his cancer treatment was prior to their relationship.

    Best wishes to Scott Hamilton and his family.

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