Ironman triathlon next year, Matt Cutts?

Published: October 09, 2020

This Saturday (October 9th 2010) around 2000 iron men and women will compete to finish the Ford Ironman World Championship Triathlon in Hawaii. This post is not about a celebrity participating in the event; after all, would anyone famous other than sports celebrities be able to compete unless they won the ticket lottery?

Obviously, this post is not about a celebrity with a disease either so please don’t be misled by our website name.

Matt Cutts, one of Google’s first 10 employees and definitely a celebrity in the search engine business, seems to be perfectly healthy and is certainly a very friendly guy provided you are not an internet spammer.

It comes as something of a surprise that this busy man finds any time at all to exercise given his heavy work schedule. Apart from his normal work as Google’s chief anti-spam officer, he spends a large part of every day (and night) twittering , recording YouTube-videos for Google, speaking at conferences like SES and SMX and also blogging about personal and professional subjects.

Frankly, when I stood next to him in person in 2008 he did look a bit on the chubby side, but maybe that’s just heavy bones. In preparation for next year’s triathlon he has managed not only a regular gym workout, but in order to be fully fit he must have spent at least 2-3 hours circuit training every week for many months.

No one (unless in really, really good shape or with particularly good genes) can finish a triathlon without repeatedly grinding out laps in a pool, cycling at high tempo on the road and completing several 4-mile-runs every week. And he did not too badly at all as his Sprint Triathlon times show:

Total time in the TriForReal was 1:53:02 for 700 yard swim, 18 mile bike, 4 mile run (which is equivalent to 640 metres Swimming, 29 Kilometres biking and 6.5 Kilometres running)

That breaks down into
Swimming completed in 15 minutes
Biking completed in 51:53 minutes
Running completed in 40:00 minutes

Not bad Matt! I did not do much better in my triathlon this year although I tried very hard!
Good luck next time when you go for the Iron Man!

Click here to read about how to avoid triathlon troubles and train safely.

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